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How to style your coffee table

      Styling your coffee table, to be honest, is an extremely subjective matter. A design that goes amazingly with the aesthetic sense as well as lifestyle of one person might just seem to be not such a great idea to the other. However, when you conduct a little research in magazines, Pinterest, and Instagram you will come to see that there is an underlying technique to it all. How to style your coffee table Once you master this technique,

      You uncover the secrets of styling your coffee table in a fool-proof manner. So, we have brought the whole technique in one place to help you style your coffee table impeccably once and for all. Rustic Coffee table Best Coffee Table Office – Buyer’s Guide

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The Technique

1. Add in Varying Heights

      Adding in varying heights in the form of books and other decorative items is a great formula to create a visual treat for the onlookers. Be careful with the height though as you wouldn’t want to block your view. Just keep it all subtle and you are sure to make your modern coffee table look chic.

2. Bring Life to your Coffee Table

      Liven up your living space by bringing in fresh flowers or maybe a plant. These accents can not only make your living area look alive by also perk up the space with their vibrant appearance. Plus, these items help to add a seasonal touch to your space while you don’t get bored of looking at the same accents all the time.

3. Go for a tray to keep it decluttered

      Trays are your best friends when it comes to the technique of styling your coffee table. They can not only be used as an accent but also help a great deal in keeping the coffee table look neat and tidy by managing the clutter. You know the coffee table can look cluttered even with a handful of items like keys, a couple of books and some gadgets lying here and there. While the tray can keep them all organized in an artsy manner making the whole area look purposeful and managed. Also, once you wish to use the table for playing a game or eating, all you have to do is pick up the tray and you are done!

4. Add a Dish

      If you have a rather small coffee table and wouldn’t want to fill it up with a tray, then a smaller dish can be the perfect idea. It can be used for corralling the remote control and smartphones while add more personality to your table.

5. Scented Candles are the Way to go

      You can’t possibly go wrong with your modern coffee table styling with the humble candle. Just throw in a pretty looking scented candle and suddenly the whole ambience of your living space will get a designer vibe to it while letting you soothe your nerves so that you relax and have some quite time at home sweet home. You are sure to find candles that would complement your coffee table and the whole living space as they are available in abundance.

6. Add a personal Touch

      You would definitely want to drop some hints of your story and coffee table is the right place to do so. This technique will allow you to flaunt your achievements as well as add some personal touch to the whole living space. Try adding some of your favorite books and other items of importance in a stack for that personal touch.

7. Keep it minimal

      You don’t have to overload the table to make it look styled. So, if you are more of a minimalist and looking for a rather subtle look, then the right technique would be to strip away the decorative items and go with a couple of books and a plant to add some color and height to the space subtly.
This was the basic technique to style your modern coffee table according to your persona taste and decor of your living space. Following it, you can set up a beautiful looking coffee table that would easily become the center of attraction. Now, we will be bringing you some of the best ways to upgrade your living space by styling your coffee table for the best.

Ways to Style

      Are you thinking about upgrading your living room but can’t seem to come across the perfect idea? Then you don’t need to look any further as we have brought you 28 exciting ways to style your modern coffee table and coffee table sets and make it the focal point of your living room. You may already know that adding a tray with a combination of flowers and books is the ultimate formula but did you know that you don’t need to stop there? There is no reason not to think out of the box and do some of your own little experiments to perk up your living space. Let’s take you through 28 of our unique and creative ways of styling the coffee table.

1. Get a Glass Coffee Table

      Need to showcase your accessories and add a touch of chic to your living room, then investing in a glass coffee table is the right way to go about it. It would provide the right balance while not taking up as much space as a wooden coffee table. It will also keep the focus on your display as a plus!

2. One Statement Piece at a time

      If you are not into mixing up all the decorative items like flowers, books etc. then you can go for a statement piece that actually reflects your personality. It can be anything from an attention grabbing sculpture to a vase with some vibrant flowers that will help you bring the focus to your coffee table.

3. Add in an Item that holds Sentimental Value

      Incorporating an item with some sentimental value into the coffee table can add a flair of personality to it. It could be a decorative item that you adore and have treasured for years or a family heirloom, or an achievement trophy. Not only will it make your coffee table stand out but also will help you to start a conversation and flaunt your piece and interior along with the story behind it.

4. Go for a Single Color

      When it comes to the coffee table try sticking to a single color. For instance, if the lamp and the coffee table must be of the same color. But you can always add some blooms to your monochromatic palette to perk up the living room.

5. Add up the Light

      You can light up the living rooms by adding in some glamorous candelabras to your coffee table set. For instance, add a gold candelabra and a gold chandelier to the room to light it up as well as add a vintage touch to the whole decor of your living room. Make sure your other furniture like sofas and their fabric go well with the whole vintage vibe.

6. Create a balance

      Always try to create a balance in the living room or any space for that matter. Like if you have heavy furniture in your living room, keep the coffee table and its decor minimalist to keep the focus on the furniture. The balance is important or else the whole space will look overdone and that is the least of the things that you would wish.

7. Add varying Heights

      Adding in varying heights is a great idea to bring visual pleasure for your guests and yourself. A feathery arrangement might just be the perfect idea that will also add a touch of cozy to your family room. Just remember to keep it all subtle and don’t increase the height to the level that it blocks your view.

8. Exhibit your Art

      Exhibiting your art is another great way to bring the focus to your coffee table. Not only will it decorate your table but will also be a great conversation starter as people would be interested to know about your art and this idea may even earn you some admirers.

9. Mix up Crude with Elegant

      Try mixing up different levels of refinement. Go for some really basic and naturally looking coffee table like an inverted tree stump that is polished. This will serve as the crude element. Now pair it up with a ceramic vase that will help you to keep the whole vibe classic.

10. Go for a multi-leveled Coffee Table

      Adding a multi-leveled coffee table to your living room can add levels of interest to your space. You can use these different levels for different purposes from storage to decor and even playing board games. The lower level can be used to display as well as store your books. The second level can be used for decorative purposes or you can store your items from remote controls to gadgets and DVDs. While the top can be used for multiple purposes from decoration to serving coffee and playing games.

11. Go for a Statement Table

      When you get your living room a statement coffee table, the things to be placed on it become less important. The table will make a statement in itself so the decoration will only be a plus. You can simply arrange some books, chic trinkets or even just fresh flowers to make it all look outstanding.

12. Go for Coffee Table Set

      Trying more than a single coffee table is another way to style your living room creatively. This would serve as a great idea particularly if you have a large living room and hence can set up more than a single sitting area. You can either have two separate sitting areas or enhance the single with two or more tables. One of them can be used on the side for placing a lamp and may be a cocktail glass with some feathers in it for as accents. While the center one can be used for eating and playing board games as well as can be decorated with some books, flowers, and a tray to keep the things organized.

13. Add Vintage Stools

      You can add vintage style caned stools to your coffee table area and perk up the living room. Add trays and vases on the table and make the whole decor of the living place chic and contemporary with a touch of vintage to defy al the conventions and level it all up.

14. Throw in a Side Table

      Enough with the conventional coffee tables, forget them and just throw in a side table in place of the coffee table and a vase full of some wild flowers to draw the attention to your stylish living area.

15. Make an Arrangement of small Round Coffee Tables

      Forget about the single coffee table. Get a set of three small coffee tables and stagger them throughout your living space provided that you have a big enough room. Go ahead and decorate each of them with a different accent like books, plants, lamp or a candelabra.

16. Go for an Ottoman

      Get an Ottoman as a coffee table and style it with a tray. You can display flowers, candles or your books in this perfect spot and upgrade the look of your living area in a unique way.

17. Never Forget Flowers

      Flowers and glass coffee tables are made for each other. Style up your table instantly with some fresh flowers. Throw in a couple of book stacks along with some personal objects and your room will get the perfect eclectic touch you are looking for.

18. Use a Bowl to Accent a Small Coffee Table

      Styling a small coffee table can be a bit of a challenge. You can use bowls or plates to elevate such a coffee table keeping things subtle yet stylish.

19. Exhibit your Book and Eclectic Collections

      Stack up your collection of favorite books on your cocktail table as a foundation for your eclectic collection which may include anything from miniature sculptures and trinkets. This type of styling will bring both a touch of personal and an eclectic vibe to your living room decor.

20. Go for Two Long Tables

      If you have enough space, you can use two long tables to divide your sitting area. This setting will create a beautiful visual illusion that is not only decorative but effective as well.

21. Pouf it up

      Add a pouf or two to your wooden cocktail table. It will add extra seating to your living area with a bit of texture play. This styling will definitely make your living area look unique yet effective.

22. Add a Lift Top Coffee table

      A Lift top coffee table is not only perfect for utilitarian purposes but will also add aesthetics to your living space. The top of such a table can be lifted up with the help of hinges which then reveals hidden storage space. The mechanical hinge provides the ideal tray for your meals or laptop. You can use this space to store things that you wish to keep hidden as well as keep the table top de-cluttered. So, if you want a hidden storage space without making the table look bulky, then this smart and modernistic design might be what you would like to invest in.

23. Get a Coffee table with Storage

      A Coffee Table with storage is all about functionality as it offers way more storage space than a modern coffee table normally tends to have. Such a table may include open shelves as well as hidden storage. You not only have the open shelves to place all your decorations in, but you can also utilize them for storage purpose. The lift-up top can quickly transform the table into the perfect workspace while you can keep the area organized and de-cluttered by storing all your reading stuff, magazines, remote etc. in the hidden storage compartment.

24. Colorful table Accented with Books and Trinkets

      Another way to add a pop of color to your living room is by getting a statement red coffee table. Style it by meticulously stacking sets of books on it. Sprinkle trinkets over the books and you are sure to keep the color of the table visible while decorating it at the same time. Your bold and daring personality will surely beam through this amazing styling while perking up your living room as well.

25. Don’t overdo it

      Try not to overdo anything so that the whole vibe of the room is in sync. For instance of you have a gray theme throughout the living room, you may go with a black and white coffee table and decorate it with limited decorative sculptures or maybe candlesticks but don’t go overboard.

26. Use Trays to Declutter

      Trays are your best friends when it comes to the styling of your coffee table. They can not only be used as an accent but also help a great deal in keeping the coffee table look neat and tidy by managing the clutter. You know the coffee table can look cluttered even with a handful of items like keys, a couple of books and some gadgets lying here and there. While the tray can keep them all organized in an artsy manner making the whole area look purposeful and managed. Also, once you wish to use the table for playing a game or eating, all you have to do is pick up the tray and you are done!

27. Choose a table with Statement Legs

      If you wish to make your coffee table the focal point of your living room, then investing in a table with statement legs might just be the best idea you come across today. Not only will it be a chic addition to your living room but will also take the decor to the next level. Moreover, you wouldn’t even have to work hard on the styling, just throw in a vase full of orchids and you are done.

28. Go for a Two-Tier Table

      A two-tier table is another great idea to make the coffee table the center of focus in your living room. Plus, it provides you ample space for displaying your collections from books to trinkets, miniature sculptures and even your self-earned trophies. The table itself is attention-grabbing and the styling will further enhance its presence. Also, add in a vase of flowers to enhance the vibrancy of your space.
So, go ahead and use our outstanding ways to create as beautiful a living space as your sweet home deserves. These ideas will help you to create the perfect vibe that you have been aiming at. Try to choose the ways that go well with the overall decor and vibe of your living space to further enhance its outlook and create aesthetic pleasure for the onlookers.
Now, let’s move on to some of the best coffee table decor tips that you would love to find out.

Coffee Table Decor Tips: How to Style Your Coffee Table

      Coffee table is the most versatile as well as engaging piece of furniture in your living room. Since it serves multiple purposes from having dinner to becoming a board game table to footrest and work desk, you name it. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to pay attention to its styling and taking the outlook of your living room to the next level. Because the coffee table is the focal point of your living room, you can really use it to create the desired vibe of the living room. Moreover, its style and decor can also change its functionality, so you would want to take all these points under consideration before going any further. You wouldn’t want it to be decorated perfectly with delicate and expensive accents as you would want to use it for many practical purposes. Also, you wouldn’t want it to be cluttered with key and last night’s pizza boxes so you don’t get a tidy place to have your morning coffee. Keeping all these points in view, we have brought you some much-needed tips on styling your coffee table so that it doesn’t only remain fully functional but also is visually appealing for the onlookers. So, let’s get started on the dos and don’ts of styling your coffee table.

1. Work on you Scale

      Generally, you can use items of any size to style your coffee table. However, it is important that you keep in mind that your items are always to scale. This is important because a large floral arrangement on a small coffee table wouldn’t make sense, in the same way a tiny scented candle wouldn’t work for a large coffee table. So, always consider when you are buying any item to style your coffee table that whether it is to scale or you need to get a bigger or smaller one to make it fit in a better way.

2. Create a Balance

      Creating a balance when it comes to height, color, and texture I really important to make the coffee table look aesthetically appealing. For instance of you have one small and one tall item, place the tall one in the center. On the other hand if you have one small and two tall items, place the small one in the center and the tall ones on the sides. This will help you to achieve a balance in height. Same rule should be followed while handling colors and textures to create a visual balance.

3. Gather Electronics in a Pretty Dish

      Go ahead and place a dish for your electronics and remotes on the table. This way, you don’t lose the remotes while the table stays decluttered and not to forget a pretty dish will add to the decor of the overall table.

4. Use your Books as Platform to Display other Accents

      Books present a great surface to place your accents and style your coffee table in a unique way. You wouldn’t want to clutter a single book with plenty of decorative objects. Add a single item to each book which is a great way to add height to the whole arrangement.

5. Keep it Simple

      If you are a minimalist, then go for a single item. For instance, go for books or a stack of magazines or maybe a tray for keeping candles and remotes etc. just keep it simple. You can also keep a decorative item or two on a stack of books and that’s it.

6. Open up the Book

      Another great idea to style your coffee table is to open up your favorite page of a book. You can add a decorative object on top of it to prevent it from flipping while adding some height.
These were some great tips now let’s give you some do and don’ts of styling your coffee table.

      • Always use items that in proportion to each other.
      • Add height to your decor.
      • Keep optimal space between objects; neither too close nor too far.
      • Use the books as surface to display objects.

      • Avoid having too many candles that too with different scents, it makes things confusing.
      • Don’t place items that are out of proportion to your coffee table.
      • Create a balance, don’t make it too cluttered or too bare.
      • Framing your table isn’t necessary so don’t banish the objects to corners of the coffee table.

Inspiration for Styling Round Coffee Tables

      Styling a rectangular table is fairly easier as compared to a round coffee table. Although the rules and formula for styling any table are the same regardless of the shape. Yet we have rounded up inspiration to help you style round coffee tables. So, let’s get started.

1. Divide and Conquer

      Go for two round tables instead of one. This way you can divide and conquer in the perfect way. Style one of the tables with magazines, hefty pillar candles and a plant while the other one with tapered candles and maybe some delicate flower arrangements.

2. Divide your Round Table in Equal Sections

      If you are looking for a tidy and arranged look for your round coffee table, dividing it into equal sections like thirds or quadrants would be the right way to go about it. You can decorate each section with a grouping of decorative objects. We prefer a stack of books topped with dazzling items for every portion.

3. Position things a bit off

      While we are all for properly sectioning and positioning round coffee tables, sometimes a little change is good which can be brought in with some unexpected arrangements. Try positioning a tray off to one side purposefully while filling in the remaining space with a small catch-all. This unexpected arrangement might bring in attention to your coffee table for being interesting.

4. Group Similar Items

      Put in some thought while grouping and decorating your round coffee table. It is a good idea to make a grouping of like items. Try to keep things simple and just go for a single collection of similar items while decorating your round coffee table. For instance, displaying a close-knit collection of candlesticks is a great idea which not only draws you eye in but also serves leaves the remaining table for functional purposes.

5. Keep it de-cluttered

      The cut to the chase inspiration is to keep everything organized. There is nothing worse than a cluttered coffee table. Don’t add in too many grouping and items that it looks crowded and doesn’t remain manageable or even functional any more. The simplest three essentials to style your coffee table include a book or two, a candle and some fresh flowers.
We hope you found our ideas for styling your round coffee table to be inspiring and exciting. Now, let’s keep going and have a look at our rundown of the top accessories that can help you in styling your coffee table perfectly.

Top Accessories to Style your Coffee table perfectly

      Decorating your coffee table like the perfect centerpiece for your living room can sometimes be an ordeal. And having provided you with the perfect formula for the styling already, we have come up with the ultimate rundown of the top accessories that would make the styling of your coffee table less of an ordeal. The best idea would be to mix and match a few of these accessories without going overboard to make it all look perfect.

1. Tray

      Having a serving tray handy can go a long way for you. You can place it over a stack of books right on your coffee table and use it whenever needed. You can also use it to corral your electronics and remotes.

2. Candles

      A candle is the perfect way to level up the decor of your coffee table that o according to the season. All you have to do is choose a freshly floral scent for summer and spring while a bit spicier one for the holidays. If you have a favorite scent, stack up some extras to have them always handy for any special occasions.

3. Books

      Hardcover books work wonderfully well and switch up the decor of any coffee table. You can stack up a few books or go minimalist and display a single of your timeless favorites. You should choose the books that are reflective of your personality and passions. Also, make sure that the cover of the book goes well with the overall decor and color scheme of your room.

4. Plant

      Go green and add a plant to the coffee table to perk it up a bit. You can go for a succulent one such as a cactus that doesn’t require a lot of water. And there is always the choice of faux plants that are low maintenance but make the table look beautiful all the same.

5. Sculpture

      Sculpture is also a go-to item when it comes to the decor of your coffee table. Make sure you choose a sculpture that is to scale to your coffee table and other items on it. Go for mini sculpture to place on the stack books or go for a bigger one to place single handedly on the table to draw attention to it.

6. Vase

      Vase is the most timeless addition to your coffee table that never fails you. You can add fresh flowers to it for special occasions to welcome the guests. Faux flowers can also be used and you can keep rotating the arrangement to keep things interesting.

7. Crystals

      If you are into crystals and love benefiting from their emotional and spiritual benefits, then displaying some beautiful crystals to make your living space more interesting with added texture. They come in various shapes, colors, and sizes and can go with any of your color schemes and themes perfectly.

8. Photos Frames

      Photo frames with some of your favorite moments can help you add the perfect amount of personal touch to your coffee table. They can even serve as great conversation starters for some great life stories. You can also keep upgrading these photos as you go on to make new memories. One or two frames are enough to go for the table as you wouldn’t want to clutter it with too many of them.

9. Bowl or Dish

      Another all-purpose addition to your coffee table is a beautiful bowl or dish. Choose one with a unique texture and color that goes well with your theme. You can fill it with any decorative items from faux fruit or real fruits to shells and even orbs.

10. Animal Figurines

      Looking to bring some whimsy to your coffee table? Then animal figurines is the perfect way to go about it. You can opt from a huge variety of materials depending on the look that you want to create. If you wish to add a vintage touch to your coffee table, then going for the brass animal figurines would be the perfect way.

11. Globe

      Style your coffee table with a globe to take things up a notch or many. You can opt for a smaller one to place over a stack of books. You can go for a statement globe, if you want to display it singularly.

12. Storage Box

      A storage box is another smart accessory that can not only be used to take the coffee table decor to the next level but also to hold all the unsightly objects from remote controls to matches for the lighting up the candles, etc.

13. Coral

      Looking to add a touch of organic to your table without opting for the too-obvious options like plants and flowers than coral would be the right choice. You can either go for the real coral or go for its faux counterparts. They come in a variety of sizes and colors, choose the one that is according to the scale and theme of your coffee table setup.

14. Coasters

      Coasters are a practical addition to your coffee table as they keep your table safe from hot and cold items. But you can also use them for decoration purpose, so opt for the beautiful and decorative versions.

15. Charcoal Scent Diffuser

      A charcoal scent diffuser is a fabulous alternative to candles. You can use a beautiful one and leave it on the table to keep the living room air fresh while making your table look beautiful as well. Plus, it keeps working for several month at stretch without burdening your pocket as well.

16. Hourglass

      An hourglass is also a fun and interesting addition to your coffee table. It works great for hosting game nights while adding a touch of vintage to your living area.
Investing in a few of these accessories to decorate your coffee table would be a great idea.
With all these ideas, tip, and tricks to decorate your coffee table, you are sure to perk up your living area to perfection. So, go ahead and use them to bring newness to your living room.